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Wow.  Thank you so much for all your advice.  I have been looking at different websites and books for ages, this is by far the best and so much useful information.  Will be posting more photos throughout the year as plants flower.

one happy gardender.


They are promiscuous I have one that must be a cross. I have hederifolium, coum and cilicium as possible parents.

In theory hederifolium and coum aren't going to cross, National collection holder told me that, not close enough related and don't flower at the same time. The latter isn't totally true for mine, the hederifolium go on so long the coum have started sometimes.



I did some research on Cyclamen and also checked in my garden. Seems as though the variety is Hederifolium.

Apparently the seedlings can be any matter of shapes and colours, One of mine has a very Pointy edge, its very beautiful

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