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Hi All,  I moved into a property with an overgrown cottage garden.  I have been having problems identifying a few plants.  Please can you help, plus any suggestions on how to look after them.   Many thanks from a keen but very amateur gardener.






1. Fritillaria Meleagris

Other 2 look familiar but names arent coming to me.

Someone else will come along shortly to help

The first is a fritillary, one of my faves, I just leave them be, allow them to self seed and soon you'll have a colony.   Do watch out for lily beetles though, mine have been decimated this year as I was away for a week - subsequently squished more than 20!

Can't help on 2 as eyes not good enough.


3 might be aramis but really not sure.


no1 is a snakeshead fritillary, don't know No2 but I like it and I don't know No3, sorry, not a lot of help.

Victoria Sponge

Hi Sarah,

1 is a snakes head fritillary. its a bulb, I don't know about care, I don't give mine any 

The others I don't know, sorry.




No. 3 Yellow = celandine and pink could be ladies smock.

Agree with the others on No. 1

Can't make out No. 2

Victoria Sponge

Yes! Think Forester2 is right

Ladies smock has different stem leaves to basal leaves 


No. 1.  Snakeshed fritillary - a flower of old damp meadows, rare in the wild.

No. 2 is Lathyrus vernus - spring vetchling - a lovely thing. 

No. 3 is Cardamine pratensis also known as Ladies Smock and Cuckoo Flower - another lovely flower of old damp meadows, getting quite rare in the wild. 

You've got some quite special things in your garden - lucky you 



2 is Lathyrus vernus, spring pea. sorry like Victoria, mine don't get any care. They just comes up every year

I think 3 is Cardamine pratensis, cuckoo flower. I'm interested in that little cyclamen to the right of it. I haven't got any cyclamen flowering right now, Do you, or does anyone else, know which one it is?


What do you reckon that cyclamen is Dove?


I forgot about the care. 1 and 3 like it damp, they're water meadow natives


Theres a leaf that kinda looks like a Persicum Cyclamen. Could be wrong though :P


Are C. persicum hardy Matt? I could do with an extension to the hardy cyclamen season


Well, they're not hed. or coum ............ I shall look in a book ............ I may be gone some time ........................ 



I'm not too sure if it is a Persicum. I had some in containers from the garden centre all over Autumn and Winter and they were wonderful

Problem is they werent labelled but the ones in the photo look exactly the same as the ones I had

Persicum arent fully hardy, they are usually sold as houseplants I believe.




Could be Cyclamen repandum. Would be the right time of year according to one of my books


I think a lot of not fully hardy plants survived last winter if they didn't drown Matt


I've looked in everything I have - and I'm still   there's two different leaf types there - some are like persicum, but not the species, and there's a similarity to cilicium but it's not frost hardy and it's flowering at the wrong time of year, but then this has been a very odd winter and all sorts of things have flowered sooner or later than they usually  do, but my best guess is that the garden has loads of cyclamen coum and hederifolium and there's been some cross-pollination between them and some c. persicum from somewhere ............

What do you think Nut?




The leaves look the wrong shape for C. repandum to me - they're usually sort of jagged. 

Cyclamen are notoriously promiscuous ..........