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I wonder if you knowledgeable people could ID this for me. I bought it some years ago now from a village fete plant stall and was told it was a Salvia.But reading online that Salvias have hundreds of different species,I was hoping for something more specific? Slugs and bees love it but it seeds quite readily.



Lion S

It's Salvia verticillata, might be S. verticillata 'Hannay's Blue'


Many thanks for that Flowerchild    I gave one to my sister yesterday that I'd potted up but now I'll be able to giver her the full name.Certainly Hannay's Blue looks very much like the one.

Lion S

Lucky sister!! These Salvia's even look good after flowering, but can  sometimes suffer from powdery mildew. I always cut them back if that happens. And they love their soil dry, very dry even. At least , that's my experience


I'll have to keep an eye out for the mildew but the main problem are the ever present slugs and snails.Not so much this potted one as another I have in the border.Every year it battles its way above the surface to be met by pesky slugs.

The one pictured seeded itself in that pot 




I feel quite lucky, my Salvia verticillata (just the species) doesn't get mildew or slug problems. Got it in white and mauve but don't like the white so might exterminate

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