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Hi all, I was given this plant ad have no idea what it is. Does anyone else know? The leaves look a bit like Strawberry and the flowers are about 3-4cm in diameter. It is just finishing flowering but only flowers for a couple of weeks. It doesn't fruit but has tall leggy stems which need supporting. Here's a pic. Thanks loads, Mel


Victoria Sponge

Could it be potentilla? I can't make out the leaves too well on the pic so wouldn't like to say for sure...


The leaves would help. so many flowers look much the same in isolation


Aha! Thanks, Victoria Sponge! Having done a bit of googling, it looks to be a Potentilla 'William Rollison'. Super.

Victoria Sponge

Ooh- I've just bought that! Really should have recognised it then



Don't think so Gardenmaiden, the leaves don't look quite right.

Did wonder myself whether it was a Geum though.

The potentilla pics really fit.


it looks just like my geum but I dont know the name.


Like I say, the leaves don't match the geum.

Unless the leaves we see are a different plant completely?

It is the potentilla I have it in the garden.

Hmm, just googled-

geum, mrs b, double petals, pointy edged leaves

potentilla, five seperate petals, rounded leaves.


its exactly like the googled geum

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