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So, I know it's a Hosta, but I'm hoping someone can tell me what variety I have 

The label said "Hosta, mixed" 

 but it seems to be just one type.

Looking forward to your thoughts 


Lena N

Is it Pizzazz?  or Wide Brim?  I've got one of these in my garden from the T&M offer in February.


I think the seller has received a bulk load of young hostas of different varieties and to save 'problems' have just named them mixed.  Yours will just be one type but that's where I admit I don't know.


Looks like one I have called Twilight


There are so many green hostas with golden edges with leaves that shape - you'll need to see how big it grows, what the flowers are like and all sorts of things like that, and then an expert might be able to make an educated guess. 

I was in Homebase earlier, they had a pot of Hosta, Mixed - with rounded blue leaves.



I wish I could tell you what it is, but ,as Dove has so wisely pointed out, there are so many. 

Sorry Matt, but it's not Twilight, which had darker green , smooth, glossy leaves. 

Pizzazz is a possibility  as is Christmas tree perhaps. Wide Brim tends to have more rounded , less pointed leaves.

Wish I had an answer. 


Yeah I guess there are so many. I have one in the garden that simply said 'Mixed' on the label.


I bought 12 from a nursery one summer. Went to India for 3 months in winter and when I came back all the labels had faded: NO IDEA.


Dove, that's where I got it from  It was only 50p, so mustn't grumble 

Thanks all for your comments.  I guess I shall wait till it has grown more and is flowering 

oopsie Hosta 

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