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Tricky as the picture is still quite small, but looking at the leaves, I'd hazard a guess that it's a double magnolia of some kind, but not one I'm familiar with.


It looks like a gardenia to me too, but can they survive outside?


I also think it is magnolia as the leaves resemble the leaves of a small magnolia I have in my garden. This picture is from my friemds garden in India (punjab). She tells me that it is fragarent too and it is a tree.

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Gardenia is probably more likely if it is from India.

Especially as you say it is scented.


It is really important for accurate id to be told where pics are from!

Pics to show the whole plant , leaves and flowers as well please.

My search says it is Mogra Attar.

The flowers look quite waxy, I would love to see more pictures, is this growing outside ? going to check out your search .

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