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This is my first post, hi!  Can you help me ID these two plants, the first one with the purple flower I am sure I sowed from a bought packet of seeds but I can't remember what they are called!  The second one I think is a weed as it has just appeared.

I live in Denmark (a Brit abroad) so the second one might be less usual. 





Second one is Phytolaca americana, Pokeweed, possibly.

Cannot enlarge the images to see them more closely.


The first one looks like fumitory.


Thank you very much for your help.  I am a bit stumped with the furmitory, it says it's a weed in the UK but I am fairly sure I must have sown it as it is only at the front of the border in a loose line.  That will teach me to hold on to the empty seed packets in the future!

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