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Can anyone help me identify the attached shrub please?  It flowers around late May / early June, and has bright orange flowers on long stems.  I hope I don't appear ignorant, but it would be great to know so I can work out how to best care for it:




Not ignorant at all, we all have to start somewhere. It looks like a Geum to me.

Amazing!  I have just googled, and that's exactly what it is.  Thanks so much

Orchid Lady

Oooh, I guessed one right, I was just about to say Geum  (I'm getting clever LOL).  I only know because I've just bought one called Totally Tangerine 

Not ignorant at all Lottie, as you can see from my above comment there are very few plants I can identify but I have learnt loads on here  From what I read I think they are quite east to care for (which is why I got it!) 


Yes easy to look after and you can split them fairly frequently to make new plants for free.


Orchid Lady

 I could make a whole new Tangerine team.....we need it 

It does look like a Geum, but that's not a shrub. How big is it?


OL., if Geums came in blue and white, anew football team would be a great idea. [ THFC, in case you were wondering, 50 years, good and bad ]

Orchid Lady

You had a good win at weekend though didn't you? Unlike us, joke of a club at the moment, was actually quite scary on Tuesday night when the fans started protesting against the chairman and as his crew!!!

Yes Geum's are very easy hardy perennials to grow I have 10 in my garden 7 of which I grew from seed and where I live in the south they keep most of their leaves over winter.  If you keep deadheading they flower their socks off some of them right into autumn.

OL, hahaha, I so wish there was a like button for you tangerine team comment! 

I've sowed some Geum 'Lady Statheden' seeds last autumn, but none came up and ai don't know why - can anyone shed any light on it? 

Orchid Lady

Thanks Ryan, not often someone laughs at my jokes, or was it more because we are a joke of a team and you are an opposition fan 

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