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I've been buying plants from the bargain corner again and need help with identifying them please. They are all in a hanging basket and I'm going to take them all out and pot them up individually

Pic 1 is in the centre of the basket, stands around 50cm tall and I've absolutely no idea at all what it is


 Pic 2 could the long leaved stripey one be a spider plant? The plant to the left has lovely heart shaped leaves???? 

Pic 3 at first I thought the variagated plant was a weigela but there is one or two few flowers which look suspiciously to me as fuschia flowers???? I was wondering if the almost black plant at the front is a sambucus????


 Any help with ID would be gratefully appreciated Thank you.


Pic 2 is a spider plant, pic 3 looks like Fuchsia Tom West


The heart shaped leaved and black leaved plants are Ipomea batatas - sweet potatoes. You'll probably find tubers when you take the basket apart.

I think the tall one is pennisetum glaucum "Purple Majesty" - a type of millet.




Thank you Paula & toonia for your replies. Are all the plants, except the spider plant, OK to be kept outside once I've potted them all on???


The pennisetum is a half hardy annual. Ipomea is not hardy but I don't know if it's annual or perennial,


The lime green one on the left in picture 2 looks like pothos to me, that and the spider plant will need to come in for winter as they are usually house plants.


Yes variegated plant is Fuchsia...Tom West I believe and is hardy.


Thank you all again for the replies. I've repotted the plants & will just see what happens. I've even tried to be a bit clever and taken cuttings from the fuchsia...well nothing ventured and all that 

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