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Earlier this year, when I was planting summer bedding flowers, I found some old bulbs in a box in the garage.   I had no idea what they were, or if they would grow - but decided to plant them in  tubs with the dianthus and geraniums.. 

To my delight they came up - the flower spikes got taller & taller,  and one of them has now got flowers. They are very pretty - sort of snowdrop shape but is not as tall but has the same shape buds on the top.

Can anyone tell me what these plants are called, also whether they will die down and grow again next year, or should I take the bulbs out and put them away for the winter.



 Your help would be appreciated


Thank you very much for the help Dovefromabove. 

I followed the link and according to the RHS - Ultimate height is 0.5-1 metre in 2-5 years. I just went out to measure mine - and they are currently 45 inches. Already 6 inches higher than their supposed ultimate.........

Wonder if they can reach even higher next year? - Can't wait to see.

Heather Michaels

Gorgeous looking flowers, and what a beautiful garden you have.


And save the seed, sow it in Spring and they take about 2 years to flower.

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