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Just noticed this growing in a basket at home. Any ideas anyone?



I think its Willowherb Stu

Yes I think it's willow herb too. Nice native flower or weed depending in your point of view, seed like mad.

Stu, I think we call them weeds luv. tee hee.



sorry if my posting looked a bit rude, it was meant to be light - hearted, honest. 



can we help you with anything else?

Willow herb or fireweed. As CB says nice native flower or weed depending on viewpoint. If you have a wild patch of garden put there as they are loved by butterflies, moths , bees etc.


That willowherb is a bit weedy though. You need rosebay or great willowherb for a good display

no offence taken hostafan1... thanks again for the feedback everyone


Can anyone tell me why my hollyhock leaves are brown and curling ?



Can you start a new thread with a photo and a bit more information such as soil, position etc?.

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