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Jo Stephenson

Hi guys,

I have a beautiful very tall plant (approx 12 feet tall) in my garden but I have no idea what it is....any ideas please?



It is a Pieris. It should have beautiful young red leaves fairly soon.

Jo Stephenson
Yes it does. I remember that last year when we first moved in. That's great thank you. Is there anything I should know? It seems to look after itself and the bees love it.

Pieris, like acid soil same as Rhododendrons 


Pieris 'Forest Flame'

If it seems happy then it's probably in the right place. Ideal requirements are a sheltered site in shade or part-shade in moist, peaty, acid soil.

Cut off any frost-damaged spring shoots as soon as possible. Dead-head after flowering to improve growth.



You could give it a mulch of ericaceous compost now and again in the autumn.


Could it be Pieris Mountain Fire?  

Wakehursf, only cos leaves look bigger and red leaves later, i think, and it grows locally. Wakehurst....I,think is a much bigger plant and jo says hers is 12'
My favourite pieris is Flaming Silver......long, green white leaves with bright red new leaves.
Silver surfer

Can you tell the difference between Pieris japonica Mountain Fire and Pieris japonica Taiwanensis from one small photo?




There are several Pieris.

Most have green leaves and pendulous small white flowers in spring.

You need an expert in Botany, with an magnifying glass, id key, and  the plant  infront of them to say for sure which one it is.

Which is why I say Pieris sp and am not even attempting to say which one, as it would be a complete guess.

Silver surfer

I grow several Pieris sp and named cultivars.

 But would not begin to guess which this one is.

All are beautiful!

Some are easier eg Pieris japonica Little Heath and Pieris japonica Little Heath Green they are dwarf ones with tiny leaves.


Some with red flowers ... you can say that MIGHT  be x or y.

But just green leaves and white flower... "No way Jose."

Agreed but I thought Wakehurst solely because of size and later red leaves. .??
Definitely a pieris though. Lol
Silver surfer, which is your favourite pieris? I like the little Heath varieties but they lack the bright red new leaves, dont they? My soil is not really acid enough for them but would like to add a dwarf variety



Have grown Forest Flame and Mountain Fire and the leaves on this look a bit darker and more leathery for either of those but they're all lovely to have no matter which variety! The new foliage is a real burst of colour in spring. Mine are just flowering now.

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