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Jo Stephenson

Hi guys,

I have two plants that are taking over in my garden but I don't know what they are.

Can you help me?







Top one looks like iberis but it's not much of a taker-over so may not be.

2nd one is periwinkle, Vinca. That does take over. 


Yes, agree with Nutcutlet on the IDs.  Yes, Vinca/periwinkle can take over if you let it, but it's jolly useful in some places where virtually nothing else will grow, and it's easy to keep within it's own space, just cut the runners back to stop it spreading.

Its little blue flowers are gorgeous - we've got some establishing itself under the ashtree where we hang the birdfeeders - it's the only thing that will stand up to the pigeons scratching about looking for the seed that drops from the feeders.


..the top photo of Iberis sempervirens, is one of my very favourite plants. It's been around for years.... It does seed a little in it's local area and I've just potted up about a dozen seedlings from it...

this is one I have here... I also have another called 'Snow Cone' .I think they are just such wonderful plants for front of borders,  flowering in my garden from January right through to early summer.... I shall be using it in future to replace winter/spring flowering white heathers, which I'm getting tired of, as these flower at the same time, and I think, more attractively and with better foliage.  It's also not as aggressive as some modern heathers can be...



The top one is definately Iberis, I have it and I love it. It seeds itself, but only makes clumps which aren't harde to pull out.

The other, Vinca, I have that too. Starting to hate it. I never planted it, it wasn't here when we came here and it's got into my biggest herbaceous border. At first I left it because it's pretty, but now it's spread very quickly and got into other plants and isn't easy to get out. I should have been more vigilent in the beginning, but I never have time to get round to everything, garden's too big! 


Jo Stephenson

That's great guys thank you. I'm going to thin them out a bit and maybe put them under some trees in the drive way.


...I'm glad we agree, re Iberis, Busy-Lizzie...


B-L I completely understand the never have time to get round to it all. Some of my garden has never been touched,

Problem with Vinca here is rust. A large area of lovely green with pretty flowers suddenly turns brown and sick looking.


 That sounds sad - I don't think I've ever seen it 

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