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Crazy Tomato Lady

Can anyone identify this plant please? It's been growing in shade, started off green 



It's a wild Arum Lily. Those berries are poisonous. Quite an attractive plant if you don't have children, but, if you do I'd dig it up. Mine thought they were sweets and ended up in hospital. Funny thing is, my husband was a dentist and they weren't allowed sweets. Perhaps that's why it was more tempting!


Arum maculatum if it is the most common native one. Or if it has variegated leaves then possibly Arum italicum.

Lords and Ladies, cuckoo Pint and 50 odd names too!


Lords and ladies, cuckoo pint and lots of other names. It is Arum maculatum. A pain in the wrong place but quite pretty in a woodland setting. The berries are poisonous too.

Crazy Tomato Lady

Gosh that didn't take long (my OH tried asking on facebook ). I don't have children, but will warn any that come round.

Thanks all

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