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Just wondering if anyone can identify this plant? There seem to be a few of them around the garden I've recently taken over.




That's what I think it could be, too.


I'll agree with  Jasmine officinale. The white summer flowering one.

Thanks, yes it looks like it wants to climb doesn't it. I thought it was a self-seed from the plant against my wall (see photo), but I don't think they are the same are they? If not, an identification of that one as well would be appreciated.



Agree that the first one is jasmine, second one reminds me of Buddleja fallowiana. Or is that wooliness actually mildew?


I dont think it is fallowiana. The leaf arrangement would be more like Buddleja alternifolia.(if it is a buddeleja) If so it should flower early on in the spring.


I wondered if it was one of those jasmines with the little pink flowers, ?beesianum or something like that

Not sure it is a Buddleja, but B. fallowiana has opposite leaves while B. alternifolia has alternate leaves. The leaves appear to be in opposite pairs in the photo.

Jasminum beesianum apparently only has 5-7 leaflets in a group, this seems to have more.

The plant does look very familiar, can't quite put my finger on it....


I may have got the name wrong, the jasmine I'm thinking of has pairs of leaves right up the stems.  


It might be Jasminium Polyanthum. Flowers are extremely sweetly scented. Frost tends to damage it though


Or Jasminum x stephanense a cross between officinalis and beesianum. Could it seed and produce one of it's parents? The original pic looks like officinalis

Thanks for your comments. Looks like the previous owner was a jasmine fan. Is it ok to prune the large one?

Don't think the second one is a buddleia actually as the leaves would be longer and narrower


Yes zebrina, I'd cut a few stems right back rather than shortening them. You'll end up with a better shaped shrub


looks like you might have a camellia struggling under all that growth as well!

Well spotted. But is it a camelia? (the plot thickens) I thought they had large rose-like flowers, but I see it has some rosettes of what look like tiny flower buds coming at the top.



Guess I should be more patient and wait until the plants flower next year.

Here's another view of the second one, if it helps pin it down at all.


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