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I've had these growing in my garden for many years and despite my best efforts I have been unable to identify them. They are about 750mm tall  and when young the stems have a reddish hue. I would be very grateful for any suggestions.




I could be way out but are they verbena?  If so you would have had an abundance of flowers each year - I have red and white and they don't need to be told twice to get flowering.  I've googled to hopefully find confirmation and this is the BBC plant profile:

It's not often I'm right but I could be wrong again


I think it a spurge a wild type of euphorbia


Caper Spurge, I think.  Not to be confused with capers - these are poisonous.


Thank you so much for the replies. It 's definately Caper Spurge - I just had a look on Google. I should have posted a thread years ago, it's been driving me nuts.


Thanks again



Definitely caper spurge - if you're going to pull them up wear gloves and long sleeves - if you get the sap on your skin, especially on a sunny day, you'll get huge painful red wheals across your skin - I was quite poorly when as a child I decided to clear an overgrown part of the garden on a very sunny day.

On the plus side - they're supposed to deter moles.  No idea if there's any evidence for it.

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