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Good day. I have been using glycophosate weed killer (Clinic) and have discovered that on my light sandy soil there is a ground hugging plant that resists the weedkiller. It has become quite dense and covers the soil like a green carpet. I have been trying to find a picture of it but cannot see anything like it. Has anybody any ideas? Thanks

It's far more ground hugging than that Joe. Thanks

Can you give fuller description floyd?
Check out helxine.
It's not good time to use glyphosate right now. It's hormone based meaning the plant needs to be growing strongly with new growth. Glyphosate can be used when temps rise bit more



Ooops - didn't see your post Verdun

Pam LL x

That's ok Louise. We share the prize if both correct
Oakley Witch

Hehehe, I saw mind your own business and thought 'Oh, cheaky mare lol 

I would love that to be in my garden if it is. I have only ever seen it in pots for household. I didnt realise it could survive outside

Is it flat to the ground and fleshy? Could be liverwort, spreads by sporesl
Sam, maybe nice in a pot. Outside it will take over everywhere

Lyn you're a genius. Liverwort is what it is alright (looks like species archegonia). I quite like it as a ground cover as it tends to suppress grass and it's quite nice to walk on. It's also maintenace free as you don't need to cut it or do anything really. In my earlier post I was tempted to describe it as prehistoric as it looks odd as if it belongs to another time and lo and behold I read that liverworts were one of the first plants to encroach onto the land so my visiual instinct was right. It sounds as if it must be salt tolerant too so it's very difficult to erradicate and you certainly cannot kill it by spraying glyphosate. Thanks for the lead. Happy gardening.

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