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This grew in the garden last year, and has grown again this year, just in the one place, it wasn't planted by us, does anyone know what it is. A couple of people I have asked said it was borage, but it's not borage, we have grown that and it's not the same at all. Hope you can help.



I wish the picture was larger. 2 choices either Green alkanet or Omphalodes.

It is about 18 inches tall just now, but from memory it grew to about 3 feet last year



Thank you everyone, having looked up green alkanet this is definitely it. However, one thing confuses me, in the link above it states that it cannot grow in acidic soils, however, the majority of my shrubs are rhodedendrons and azaleas, which are ericaceous right? It is growing under a skimmia and a rhody...


Ruth rhodies etc will also grow happily in neutral soil so the usual info about acid soil for them can be a bit misleading 


Thanks Liz, don't know what went wrong there!

Thank you all, despite it being a weed (ie we didn't intend for it to grow there) we're going to keep it, I think it fits really well where it's growing. Can anyone advise on how vigourous it is at spreading? I am constantly fighting ground elder and another weed with similar root system but that has silver furry leaves (id anyone?), I won't have that kind of problem with green alkanet will I? 

No pics of above mentioned silver leaved weed as I keep digging it up!



It seeds about and has deep roots Ruth

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