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I just moved to a house with a wonderful and established garden.  There is a plant growing and I have no idea if it is a weed or a plant.  It grows a bit like a rosette with long furry green leaves (about 25cm long).  No sign of any flowers.  I was planning on just leaving it to grow but it is becming very wide at the bottom and don't want it to crowd out the many other flowers planted nearby.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks


As with all these things a photo would make identification 100%easier


It sounds like it might be a verbascum. It will probably send up a flower spike a metre or so from the middle of the rossette which will be yellow.


You describe something which sounds very similar to something that is growing at my allotment, of which I didn't plant. Grows nearly as tall as me, 5 foot, it has massive furry leaves at the base, as the plant grows it gets thinner until eventually it flowers - yellow. Comes back year after year, but I don't know the name of my resident plant.

To me, it looks like a weed .- sorry !


haha daintiness, thats the triffid thats growing at my allotment - cheers.




Both of your triffids are called verbascum, and are grown by lots of people on purpose!!  However, they do take alot of spae, and probably do not look quite right on your allotment - there is nothing to stop you digging it out is there?  Maybe offer it to someone who has the room for it?   Glos gardener, if this is a verbascum, as I suspect, it will flower next year - they make the huge floury rosette the first year, then flower and often die then, though I see that marshmello has a perennial one.  They grow in the flagstones of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, quite amazing to see this huge plant come up where there does not seem to be any soil - year on year.


He's been at my allotment for a number of years now Bookertoo, even though I've always looked upon as a weed, I have never thought about getting the spade out to dig him up - strange !!

Perhaps, I've always known he was special.

Thanks so much.  Is definitely a Verbascum - have browsed pictures and searched on line.  Many thanks for all the responses.  I couldn't see how to add a photo - if I have any other plants I am not sure of how would I add a picture.  Thanks


Glad that is settled, yes a picture always helps, though in this case the descrition gave little other choice. 


Hi everyone i wondered if anyone could tell me what type of plant is a Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var,Repens as it don't tell you on the lable it just gives you the name i want to know if it is a flower or a shrub because i have it in a hanging basket but a neighbour over the road has something simillar and its masive about 10 foot tall and about 5 foot wide



Rushie, you have the name of the plant -  Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var,Repens. Google it and see for yourself, lol easy peasy IMAO.

Emma Crawforth

Hello Rushie,

Ceanothus is a shrub that can grow to many different heights and widths. Fortunately, as yours is in a hanging basket, it is one of the lower growing ones - that's why it's called repens, which means creeping. Nevertheless it could ultimately grow to 3m wide and 1m tall, so you will need to replant it at some stage. In the meantime, I hope you've had some lovely blue flowers on it this year.

Emma team

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