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Any ideas what these may be ?




 3) Is this a grass ? Have just found it in one bed so just moved it to see what it does ?

Thanks in advance for any help.  Amazing what crops up in the garden. 



Don't know what the first and last ones are, but the middle one is an aquiliga (spelling?).

1.looks like evening primrose but guessing not sure 2. aquilegia 3. chives maybe

The tp one looks like an evening primrose.



The grass one looks more like a reed than grass. 



A rush I think. Juncus effusus maybe

Yeah for aquiliga, love those.  Think you might be right about the grass being more of a reed.  not surprised with how wet the garden is.  

Thanks for the help.  great advice as every.

gardenning granny

evening primrose - could grow to 5 foot tall but wonderful scented flowers - they selfseed everywhere but transplant easily to the back of the border

probably aquilegia, though mine don't look quite like that

if the "grass" was in my garden I'd say a reed and get rid of it fast - if it's chives you can soon tell by breaking off the top of a stem and smelling!

Number 3 is sedge, commonly found in wetter area's of the countryside. Certainly get rid as when it seeds they go everywhere and they don't respond to spraying with glysophate, they just seed very quickly and you get more of them.

Thank you for the info on the reed, will take it out tomorrow. strange that we have it, as being on Sand when it stops raining, it dries out so quick. 


Dave, don't the sedges, (carex), have the angled leaves and the juncus the round ones?

But whatever it is, it's a weed Peanuts, unless, like me, you like a collection of wild plants

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