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There's a few, one is a bush which I can sort of excuse not knowing, the others are plants we've bought, but have had no labels in, (from ASDA) so I don't even know whether they are suitable to be outside or not!



 Pink flowers to the right in the green pot, Primrose?

 Very small with rubbery leaves.


 Some sort of heather?


Sorry the photos aren't great!


The yellow flowers at the top are forsythia.


Yellow flowering shrub - forsythia

Second plant with pink flowers - not sure but possibly a type of Kalanchoe - not hardy. 

Pink flower to the right - definitely not primrose but it's name's gone right out of my head (blame the hectic weekend I've just had) someone else will remember. 

Small with rubber leaves - another Kalanchoe - not hardy

Last one - yes, a heather 



Mark 499

I think the one in the green pot is Primula Obconica


I thought the one in the green pot was an exotic type of primula, I've seen it in the supermarket in the indoor plant section.

Thank you guys. So do I need to bring in the Kalanchoe and the primula? I wasn't far off with primrose

Yes take them indoors, they're usually grown as houseplants 


It'll be ok outside if there's no frost - but the info you have linked to is for the US and the hardiness zones 6-9 given there are the southern states, Florida and California - not sure where in the UK you are, but I'll bet it can get cooler than in Florida 

Info for the UK given here 


thanks Dove, you'd think I'd have realised that... Sometimes I surprise myself with my ditsiness... I think I'll try it outside on the patio, and if I see it struggling I'll bring it in. It wasn't an expensive plant anyway!

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