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Hi all 

So these 'little' bad boys have popped up in my front garden and, whilst I know they are plants (tee hee!) I don't know what they are. Please can you help 


Many thanks  

Top one - Ceranthus ruber?

Bottom One - I need help too


Top is Centranthus ruber known as valerian. good for bees

Bottom is Alliaria petiolata, jack by the hedge, one of the food plants for orange tip butterflies.


Centranthus ruber

garlic mustard or jack by the hedge


Valerian as in the stuff cat's go bonkers for as an alternative to catnip? Will have to look into getting some myself.


Scott Edwards

Second picture looks like a Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica). Carefully dig it out before the roots spread too far!


No, scott, leaves similar, flower nothing like.

Scott Edwards

On closer inspection I agree with the view that its jack by the hedge



Do you want to play 20 guesses where Jack by the hedge is growing?


Is it in the middle of the lawn Panda


That's right nut! You win  

As it is food for butterflies I guess I'll leave it. There is a lot of it though, and it is self sown!


Guess that explains why I didn't see it last year then  I do like the pretty white flowers though. Happy it's loved by butterflies.

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