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Hi, I have 4 plants which seem to grow pretty well in my garden and I would like to buy a few more. I don't have much knowledge of gardening so my terminology will probably be pretty basic here.

The 1st one grows some dark red leaves in the spring. It keeps its green leaves all year and so far has grown to about 40 cm high.

 The 2nd one also stays green all year rond but in the spring shows some pink leaves which die off. This has so far grown to about 50cm high.

 The next one stays green all year, has grown abut 30-40 cm high and about 60 cm wide. This also produces some flowers in spring. They're either pink or red but I can't remember.


And the last one. This is a purple colour. This kind of dies off to a degree in the autumn/winter and returns the following year,

Thanks in advance,



Hey Paul!

The pics are a little hard to make out.

|The first two look like azalea - they stay green all year (evergreen) and mine do red/pink leaves in spring just before they flower.

The third one is a lovely heather! Wish I could grow these

The last one looks like heuchera -

Hope this helps.  I also find this site amazing for finding out which plants are what and how to look after them -




The last one is a Heuchera. I am finding it difficult to see the others due to the glare of the sun, not usuallly a probem we have!

Thanks for the replies, You're right lizness, Sunshine is a rarity in these parts .

I'll try and get some pictures thsi evenign when the sun is low. May be better quality then.

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