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I was telling Nut yesterday about this plant that has appeared in the garden - it appeared last year and possibly the year before, but in an area which was meant to be lawn, so got mowed.  

This year the lawn is no longer there, it's now the little wilderness behind the new pond and the plant has appeared again.

Feathery carrot-like foliage but softer, and growth like an umbellifer but not one I recognise - round stem.  We've marshes nearby so I did wonder about Water Dropwort, but I think the leaves are too finely divided for that.

The gardener-before-last at this address seems to have been a 'proper gardener' so it might be an interesting cultivated plant - or it might be from wild bird seed - or ............... anyone got any ideas? 





Good morning Dove. I can't remember if we discussed smell to the leaves. If we did I've forgotten the answer



..something rather carrot like about regardless..I think your little pond is lovely..charming...with those rocks and pebbles, and other features...looks very nature friendly...


Thanks Salino   

Nut, I don't think we did - I've just been and picked a leaf and had a good sniff - nothing other than a very faint cow-parsley type smell.

Victoria Sponge

Are the leaves like a fools parsley (aethusa cynapium)?

I don't know the plant, I was just flicking through my weed book...



I've looked at Fool's parsley online and in my Keble Martin - doesn't look quite right - I've taken a close up of a leaf - what do you think?

 Although the main stem is cylindrical, the leaf stems have the groove on the upper surface like Cow parsley. 

Sorry, it's a bit dark - I didn't use flash in case the white paper flared.  If you want one with flash let me know.


I know it won't be, but leaves remind me of some types of parsley and stalk a bit fennel like

Victoria Sponge

What about Salino's suggestion? Wild carrot? Or was that where the stems were different?

I love a good weed mystery. I've got a few I'm cultivating at the mo just to see what they turn into...I know I could ask you guys and find out in a second but it's also fun to watch them...isn't it?? 

Is it Hemlock? The leaf looks very similar.


They look similar but not the same to me , they seem more finely divided and   and there's no mauve blotches on the stems 


you're right Dove hemlock and wild carrot are more finely divided as well as those red blotches on the hemlock stems. 

The leaves look quire shiny compare to some.

It's not necessarily a weed. Other umbellifers have become quite 'in'. Ammi etc 

not suggesting that's what it is, I don't think it is.

Could be wild carrot? Maybe wait until it flowers?


A bit like wild carrot - although you have a very substantial plant there and the leaves maybe look a bit thicker than wild carrot.  First instinct was nasty hemlock but leaves don't look exactly alike.  Difficult to differentiate for me. Ha ha - in other words, I haven't a clue!

The purple blotches on Hemlock...are they present right from a younger plant? I'm not saying it is Hemlock,just don't go eating it Dove that's all

Looks a bit like Selinum wallacianum [ sp? ]



It's ok Fishy, I've promised OH I won't put it in the salad 

Hi Yarrow - yes, it's just 'too much' for wild carrot for me. 

Hi Punkdoc - it does look a bit like it, but my plant has smooth round stems rather than having ridges - it really is odd - it doesn't quite fit with any description - and I thought I was pretty good on wild plants 

I hope the flower gives us a few more clues 

Fool's Parsley is supposed to have an unpleasant oniony smell, but even when crushed my plant leaves just smell slightly of Cow parsley - not even as strong as Cow parsley. 


..I think your plant is Orlaya grandiflora....a hardy annual...


Oh Salino, thank you - I think you might be right - I shall be VERY DISAPPOINTED if it isn't - the Higgledy Garden website describes it thus

"... Orlaya Grandiflora is a cousin of the wonderfully useful Ammi Majus, a mysterious, sophisticated and saucy cousin…the kind of girl a chap would like to meet out on the balcony during a ball at a Russian palace.

She is a most distinctive annual with pure white umbels which seem to hover over a delicate and much divided fern like foliage. A very soothing addition to the garden or cut flower patch.... "

We shall wait for her to flower ........

- See more at: 


..I do hope those comments on the higgledy

...this plant seems to be popular with landscape designers at the moment...I only read about it as it was used at Chelsea in one of the gardens.... on researching further I read that it was similar in appearance to a wild carrot...which alerted me back to your plant...


Oooh, I may be right 'on trend' without even trying - how cool is that?