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This plant is as tall as an Allium - single stemmed with a beautiful drop head with 20 or so pinkish small 'bell like' flowers hanging down. Bees love them

I obviously planted them and people ask me what they are - sorry I've totally forgotten!

I would plant them again if only I knew what they are!


It could be a foxglove from that description, or a campanula (persicifolia or lactiflora)

Without a photo, I can't really help


A photo would do it but I'm wondering about Nectoscordium siculum. Might have been the reference to allium that put it in my head


I thought the same Nut, bell shaped pink, cream and green striped flowers.  Are Nectaroscordum still in the allium family or have they been reclassified?  Seem to remember reading something somewhere.....



reclassified. I think they were Allium siculum but there's some other word beginning with b that's lurking about in my memory (what's left of it)


Nectaroscordum bulgaricum?

Did you plant bulbs mutley?

Thanks nutcutlet - you've solved it - just looked it up and it is Nectoscordium Siculum - so I've put a label on it and now when people enquire (it's our village fete today!) I can tell them or they can look at the label.  Very much appreciated




The big tall one is ok, but the small one is an absolute thug. I have been pouring weedkiller on a section of a rock garden for 2 years now tring to get rid of it. Not sure which one is the smaller of the two species, siculum or bulgaricum, but beware if the label shows it as being about 18 inches tall as opposed to 3 feet tall.


Never come across the short version but I do really love the tall siculum version and plant more every year.  It's odd though.  Some grow dead straight and others do a serpentine.   I love the flowers and the seed heads too.



I agree with you they are stunning but they do have to be staked and as you say some 'wander' a produce a snake like stem - still I will let them 'seed' and hopefully I'll get more next year.  I wonder where Berghill lives as it appears she/he has a problem but they have been greatly admired here in the Cotswolds!

Thanks for all the feedback - it's a brilliant website for all us like minded gardeners.



I have the tall one and it is no problem, just with a smaller version (will try and find a picture). I know I am not the only one to have trouble with it as at least two friends in North Wales both curse the day it entered their lives, or should I say gardens.


Photo will have to wait until the wind drops. The flowers on the thug are more upright than on the other by the way, but exactly the same otherwise.


mine seed around but I've got plenty of room and no rockery.

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