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We moved to this house last Aug.  At the front we have a small 'patch', approx. 4ft x 5f, which has been planted with a lavender, heuchera, and a couple of small bland shrubs, and has a low hedge on one side, and a fence and honeysuckle on the other.  Its quite a windy spot, and semi shaded.  In the middle is a lack-luster conifer, which has seen better days, and I want to take it out.  My question is, what should I replace it with?  Want something with a bit of height (up to 6ft ish), evergreen, nothing that will spread too wide as its a small area near the front door - anyone got any ideas, please? I just cant seem to find the right thing! xxx

what about a mock orange plant, or holly. you can train it into a standard tree shape , but alas it will take a few years. good luck.

You could always have an obelisk or support in whatever shape takea your fancy, then plant with a mixture of climbers, so you have interest all year round
What about a plant that has being trained as a standard/lollipop? Or maybe a rose trained the same way, although that wouldn't be evergreen.

A bay trained this way is lovely, we have one. Lovely dark evergreen. Lovely fresh green growth each year and sweet scented flowers in early spring. Once it is the diameter you want you can simply keep trimming and you have your own supply of bay leaves for cooking.

You will probably need to feed the soil with a couple of buckets of rotted manure too, conifers rob the soil of nutrients



Juniper Skyrocket would fir the bill if you want another conifer and would suit your small space. Or as Rebecca suggested - a nice obelisk with perhaps a couple of evergreen clematis up it.

Brill - those are some fab ideas thanks!!  Hadn't even thought about an obelisk - great!  And I have a bay in a large pot who either needs a huge new pot or planting out as hes looking a bit sad!  I love this site - lots of clever plant people! xxxxx


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