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Hi, can anyone identify this plant for me please. Its not a good photo but the plant is about 1.5 metres tall with most of the foliage at the bottom and with number of off shoots all along the stem and the tiniest red/yellow flowers on the stems.


Hope someone can help.Thank you



Could you try again with the red/yellow flowers on the stems?


I can see square stems which would eliminate himalayan balsam.

I agree with Dovefromabove.  A figwort (Scrophulria nodosa or S. aquatica) seems likely based on height, square stems and description of small, insignificant maroon / yellow flowers at the top of the stems.

Try another photo if possible.





Here we go, more photos.






Definately figwort, probably Water Figwort, one of my favourite wild plants 'cos it's the first one I learned to identify on Nature Walks at school when I was about 5.

Parents thought the teacher was bonkers, taking us all for nature walks and teaching us about wild plants when we were supposed to be learning our times tables - but I learned to love plants   and I learned my tables too, eventually 

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