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06/02/2012 at 17:49


i am looking for a plant or shrub with the name Holly.  Our dog recently passed away and we were thinking of a plant that was named holly would be nice to remember her by.  I know we could buy a Holly bush, but we thought that there may be some other choice.

Hope someone may have some ideas.

Thank you


07/02/2012 at 11:28

Hi James,

I think finding a plant with the name (cultivar) 'Holly' could be tricky.  Other than the obvious Holly (Ilex) you mentioned, the only other plant with holly in the name I could think of was Sea Holly (Eryngium).  With so many thousands of plants out there you would have thought it might be easier!! Ali

    10/02/2012 at 15:58

Hello James,

Ali is right, sea holly is lovely, and easy to buy from an online nursery. Have a look at some varieties here from our plants section, and you can also compare it with good old traditional holly, or Ilex crenata, japanese holly.

I hope you find something you like,

Emma. team

11/02/2012 at 00:17

Why not get something that is spectacular around thee date of your pet's death, to cheer you up and remember the good times? Or something that smells great like sarcococca which smells of honey in Jan-Feb?

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