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Hi I am looking for plants to represent the staff that I work with to put in the gardens

I already have a Claire Austin rose which is my name the other names are as follows

Graham, Leasley, Lorraine, Nicola, Sarah , David, and Robert. any suggestion would be a great help. Can be any plant but not ones that need acidc soil.

flowering rose

I have rambler rose called Albertina (my mothers name),Nellie Moser ,mrs .batmen,mr.young,Niobe,Clematis,and.....

chilli lover

That's a lovely idea Claire! Are you starting from scratch?

No it is a well established garden but we have such a good team working here that I wanted to do some thing for them. The Place is Cossington Park in Somerset there is a youtube video if you want to look.


Dianthus David and Sarah. I'm sure there's a sweet pea named after Lorraine chase but there must be sweet peas with some of those names you want.There's a hardy geranium sanguinium called Bloody Graham. .???

I like the bloody Graham but he is the boss so maybe not

I can only mutter that!

only some times he is a good boss most of the time


There is the David Austin rose called Graham Thomas - a beautiful yellow one, Lythrum "Robert", the pretty pink peony "Sarah Bernhardt" and many others in the website above from "santa moniker" above (who is a very helpfull man called Geoff, but he's getting a bit excited because of Christmas and keeps changing his name).


Rosa  'Sarah van Fleet' you'll need plenty of roses.

there's a white pelargonium called 'Hermione'


What a lovely idea and santa monika that link is great, there are quite a few and some very striking, it'd be good to match the planting to personalities, the fuschia 'Lorraines Delight' sounds nice.

Good luck Claire it'd be nice to know which plants you decide to use.

Gary Hobson
asilvert wrote (see)'d be good to match the planting to personalities....

An alternative approach would be to select a variety of plants that represent obvious characteristics of the various people.

For example:

  • Someone who is difficult to get along with, could be represented by a pyracantha, or holly bush.
  • The office beauty could be represented by a rose (with or without thorns).
  • An ice queen might be represented by a lily.
  • Someone less attractive might be represented by a patch of wallflowers.
  • A person with a lanky appearance might be represented by a climber, or vertical conifer.
  • A short fat person might be represented by a pumpkin or little box bush.
  • A sciver, who doesn't contribute much, might be represented by a patch of weeds or some other unproductive plant.
  • Etc


Thanks George nice idea but I want to stay with the names.



Nut cutlet We have plenty of roses but some are coming to the end of thier time so some new replacemtns will be good. Graham Thomas is deffinalty one of them and possibly Sarah Van Fleet. It is a very old property and gardens main part of the house was built in the mid 1740s.


Chilli lover no it is an old garden which I have been bring back to life over the past 5 years.


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