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Hi everyone. I did ask a couple of weeks ago if anyone knew wether this is a plant or weed unfortunately I couldn't post the picture I have of it.  I have taken a peice off it and have scanned it. It is now well over 6ft high still no flowers on it, but I am getting worried if it is some kinds of rouge plant/weed and should I pull it up. Its not a Hogweed I don't think leaves dont look the same.  Can anyone help.







It could be Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris.  "A weed is only a plant in the wrong place, but a treasure in the right place".

Gardening Grandma

In that case, you'll soon find out for sure because they start flowering in July. Are the leaves dark green above and silvery underneath? The flowers are purplish.

I too think same as the answers above .

 I was also told that there are no such things as  weeds..........'' a weed is only a plant which grows in the wrong place''.

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