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Hi forumers

I have this growing in a couple of places in my garden. . . but am not sure whether I need to pull it or leave it

 Can you help please?



One of the sow thistles/milk thistles - a weed, pull it up and give it to someone's pet rabbit - very good for them. 


I'd say sow thistle as well


Thanks ladies  

I don't know anyone with a rabbit so up it will come and into the brown bin it will go 

They have a long tap root so daisy grubber/long knife is the best tool for removing it.



Thanks Mrs G  Why do all the weeds have the hardest roots to get out?  Should come out nicely from the wet soil though, if the dandelions I've pulled are anything to go by!

That's why they are so great at becoming weeds I guess.  Definitely easy to remove them in wet/damp soil otherwise the tap root just snaps.   Creeping clover is my nemesis right now, loves our wet clay soil.

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