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Don't apologise Perki... beautiful pictures!

I have naughtily ordered some plugs of stocks  ( as I haven't got room for any more pots when it comes to pricking out ) and I want them for cut flowers, I've also ordered sky blue delphimiums as I seem incapable of getting them to germinate now I must get my hand s on some more hardy geraniums ( may wait for hardy plant society sale) and really want some erigeron to growover the low walls at the edge or the borders, though I do want some more aubretia too... I shouldn't be allowed near plant sale sites


My plant order has just arrived so I've spent a mucky hour or two potting up and potting on as needed.  Now all under shelter to acclimatise.   Good fun.


I agree with Mark56 don't apologise Perki! They wonderful pictures of a great plant, you'll have to put plenty more photo's out when they're flowering again, will be great to see how your new additions fit in.

On a shopping/ordering spree this week. So far Saxifrage - 4 large for £10, 6 small for £7 all from B&Q

.  10 Hellebores from Hayloft in various colours £10, and lavenders, and various other plants from T&M, also still waiting for my 5 clematis order.


Pretty plants

I brought a plant yesterday a

Did not know that it was in another colour than yellow now planted out in my bee and butterfly border

Ordered some Miscanthus, Salvia pratensis and Nepeta last week and they arrived today for my new prairie style border that i will be digging and planting tomorrow if all goes to plan. Also bought some Verbena Bonanzas, Rudbeckia and Dill seeds to sow to plant later on 😀


Gardengirl - I had that in my Belgian garden.  Took two goes to get established but was then a  good strong plant.   The flowers are a lovely colour.

guernsey donkey, nice haul, off to b&q today then...I had promised my daughter I would give up buyin plants for lent! oops, maybe I should try something easier like chocloate (  my blood is around 90% green&blacks)


My daughter doesn't understand my plant habit either RM.  She always moans when I put garden or kitchen stuff on my wishlist for presents.    She even moans about fresh veg from the garden now - risk of too much protein from caterpillars............

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