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02/05/2014 at 15:34
Hello All I'd much appreciate some recommendations of screening plants for underneath a huge cedar so dry shade, preferably fast growing evergreens (eventually 3 m +). We currently have bamboos there that are not dense enough and first of all drying out. Not far from the cedar there is Laburnum tree and some evergreens: choisya, euonymus etc so I guess the soil is not that bad. Many thanks in advance! Ania
02/05/2014 at 15:43

Nothing much will be happy in that position.  The beauty of a cedar is in seeing the whole tree, perhaps you could give us a clue why you want screening shrubs.

02/05/2014 at 15:58
The cedar is right before the neighbours fence, I just want to block the neighbours house. Thanks
02/05/2014 at 19:19

If you grow 3mtr high conifers you will have a big fight on your hands with your neighbours. Certainly would if i was your neighbour.

02/05/2014 at 20:23

That's not the case. I'm sure the neighbours would be pleased as our houses overlook each other and besides there are mature trees all along the fence on both sides apart from underneath the cedar (whose lowest branches start at around 5m) where they're most needed. Anyway I was thinking about some big shrubs rather than trees. 

02/05/2014 at 20:32

Laurus Nobilis? (bay) 

03/05/2014 at 09:26

I don't think much would grow under a big cedar. It would rob the soil of too much moisture and it has a lot of shallow roots.

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