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i move into a city centre apartment next month. it has a balcony, which only gets sun til around 11am, then its in the shade. its on the second floor, so quite high up and might get a bit of wind.

I'd prefer to grow something edible, but really anything that will thrive in a container in those conditions will do, will help ease the pain of having lost a garden

suggestions? really open to any ideas, got none in mind or anything specific in mind.

Other than putting your name down for an allotment, seems to me you'll be eating a lot of lettuce and 'micro salads' with so little sunlight to contend with. You can buy packets of mixed salad leaves, even old peas sown for their shoots are nice.  A growbag, lifted up off the balcony floor somehow would probably work, maybe with a white screen behind to reflect whatever light you have. If its windy a bit of netting, fine mesh, would stop them getting a chill. Still you probably won't be troubled by snails .......

i love lettuce so thats not so bad i have actually got a list of allotments and numbers from the council. once i move and am settled ill consider putting my name down. im a little worried on time though. not sure i could commit to going down daily.


That looks like a brilliant idea - a bit pricey but given the cost of land .... and it's cheaper than going to the gym 


£8 a month, Mmmmmm expensive for a Yorkshireman!  Have you ever heard of the Landshare folk, bringing together people with gardens and people who want to garden :-

Think that Hugh Fearnley River Cottage had summat to do with it ......

I thought £8 was slightly high as well. im wondering as well how much return i would get from a 2x1 metre plot. you can have as many plots as you like. ive asked if there would be a discount if i had say 3 plots.

i eat far more salad, fruit and herbs than i do veg, which may be an issue as fruit would need a fair bit of space compared to vegetables.

had a reply back - its £200 / year for 3 plots, so thats about £5 per 2x1 metre plot ..


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