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We are renovating our front garden. At one side we have a new 3' picket fence that is approx. 60' long. There will be grass running up to it, but at the house end the grass will taper down to nothing as it runs up to the side gate. I would like to plant along the fence. The area gets early morning sun and late afternoon, summer sun. I'd like something attractive that won't get out of hand (like growing through the fence) nor requires too much maintence (we've got a huge garden to maintain). I'd like to plant into the grass rather than have a formal 'bed'. Preferably something that won't grow any higher than the fence. The other side of the fence is next door's driveway which I can access. We live in rural Norfolk. Thanks


If you can post a photo it will help us to help you 

flowering rose

How about a few Annuals to brighten up the fence,Marigolds,Godetia,stocks,old fashion cottage type plants too,Lupins,Hollyhocks,Delphiniums and Tobacco plants with scent,plants to give scent and welcome when people come to your door.

Thanks for the suggestions - I love Hollyhocks, Lupins and Delphiniums. I really want perennials so that I don't need to have to plant every year. Maybe once the main renovations are finished I might put annuals in, but not at the moment

Daisy, what's the soil like there? Would you like an evergreen shrub or two if they were not too vigorous? If you,have grass running into your plantIng it could be difficult to control grass and planting area. A clean edge between grass and border would be easier in the long run...? If you have some moisture there you could plant "in your grass area" with hydrangeas. ,almost evergreen, blue flowers if acid soil or red/ pink if alkaline and some lovely pure white varieties too. And these are easy plants


you could plant things like red hot pokers, bromlaines, & new zealand flax with carex (many different colours) crocosmia (lucifa is amazing)  hardy fushia which would give you a pretty much care free colourful boarder. hope this helps a bit

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