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Hi all, I want to make some of the plant supports that Monty Don makes on Gardeners World. He claims they cost very little (under ??1) but I cannot find the steel to make them. Has anyone found an alternative or found cheap metal to make the supports?

Not sure what 'expensive' is but B&Q sell steel rods 1m x 4mm


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B&Q rods cost under £2

I dont think 1 metre would do it.
I think they need to be about 2 metres.
I have seen people selling them cheap on eBay so the steel must exist somewhere but the postage puts the price right up.
Just to update incase anyone is going to do this.
I bought some of the reinforcing rod bar from B and Q. I made one with a 2 metre length and made 2 that were one metre. For smaller plants. I found the one metre ones were actually better and so I rebent the 2 metre one back out and turned it into two. Its cheaper to buy threaded bar in future though at ??1.25 a metre from toolstation.


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