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Hi Guys

I have a plant thats growing in my garden which I think is rather nice.  Its approx 1.1m tall at the moment, then pointy leaves with a small purple blue flower.  The flower is dying off and is being replaced with a seed sack of some sort.

I would like to know what plant it is and I am planning on keeping it.  But, what to do with it over Autumn / Winter.

Pics attached and thanks for you help.







Hi Martin, looks like Toadflax (Linaria), considered a weed by me! - sorry  Grows and seeds itself all over the place.


Looks like Linaria purpurea. Is it attractive to Bees?

The seed pods will have seeds in when brown, easy to sowfor more plants next year.

It is perennial. If you  dead head early in the season, to just below the dead flowers, it will send up a repeat flush, which tend to be a bit straggly, but the bees love them just the same.

 In October, cut it down to a few inches. It will regrow and flower next year.

MsBeehaven, ooo so harsh It didnt flower last year and as I have only really started to organise my garden, I never noticed it.  This year its flowered and I thought it was rather nice.

Fidget, yes, the Bee's love it, hence one of the reasons why I would like to keep it.

Thanks for the advice guys


There is a pink version as well!

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