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Can anyone identify this plant/weed?

@ Kate1123, similar leaves and colouring.  That picture was taken about two weeks ago now. The plants has doubled in height and breadth, almost occluded the growing space of the focglove behind it and the smaller lupin to the side. If it is a heliotrpoe I'll be happy.


Have you had Heliotropes before? They are tender perennials so it might have come back.

No, Kate, I haven't grown them before. This is my sceond year in this house. Last year the garden was a mass of weeds and Muscari (which I have grown to detest for their resilience and invasiveness), Herb Robert, tormentil and some other pernicious weed that seems to be coming in from the garden either side. I completely dug over last year what are now the flower beds removing as many weeds, bulbs, roots and tubers as possible. so I think this plant - which was not evident last year, could be a gift from a visiting bird. If it is heliotrope it is growing amidst lavendar, lupins and foxgloves so should look quite splendid with is purple tinged leaves.



Looks a nice plant to me , I would not be removing it in a hurry.


Looks similar the seedlings we have in our woods. Could be the invasive Himalayan balsam, jumping jack flash, or Policemans helmets.  A very tall impatiens, cousin of the Bizzy Lizzy.  But the seeds are quite tasty when ripe.


Looks like Himalayan balsam to me. We used to have it in the garden when I was little and I loved to touch the seed pods and make them explode.Look at this.

 flower buds on unnamed plant

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