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Difficult to say until it does something like flower or fruit-at the moment looks a bit like a pepper but then again also a bit like lilac-so....

Where did the seed come from?


Was it any specific type of wildflower mix, eg. for bees, or for dry areas, or woodland etc?


Could be Nicandra Physiloides, the "shoo-fly" plant, but I am not sure.


@Dovefromabove, looks like it was targeted at pollinators. Was in a pack from B&M bargains so it won't be a specialist mix I doubt.

@punkdoc comparing the seeds, it doesn't look like it unfortunately, but thanks for the suggestion.


Try Mirabilis jalapa. aka Marvel of Peru or  4 o'clock flower.

I'm pretty confident that it isn't a native wildflower (UK) though it will be a wild flower somewhere. 

Seeds and seedling look right to me

@nutcutlut Thanks, that looks spot on! I shall plant it out as it does look nice. Funny that its not a British wildflower as the box was advertised as such.

Thanks for the ID!


It's an evening flowerer with a wonderful scent but sometimes get muddled and becomes a day time flowerers

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