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I have just been to the garden centre and couldnt resist a holly tree (currently approx 2 ft) for £5.

I know this type can get very tall so my question is...can i put it in a pot?

I'd quite like to be able to bring it out into my front garden around xmas time and dont want it to get too large.

will this work and restrict growth?


Yes.   But give it a decent sized pot and good quality compost and make sure you keep it fed and watered so its growth, through restricted, stays healthy.   You can also clip your holly to size and shape.


I was given a walnut tree in a pot last year; it was already about 5 years old at least, but only 2' tall. I have no room for one in the garden, but am attempting to grow it as a standard in a large pot. It survived the winter and now has leaves, I'm treating it as an experiment But I will feed it from time to time and I always make sure it has water.

We have had a holly tree in a large pot for a long time and it's doing fine. There are berries on it but don't forget to water it when it looks dry! 


thanks for tips. I have potted up to a generous sized pot

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