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I have a fence, along which are well established buddleia, elder and weigela.  All have been cut back to a manageable level for my 5ft 2in height.  I would like to plant beneath these to replace the ground elder that pervades there.  I am very much a beginner gardener and would welcome any suggestions.

flowering rose

bergenia,hellebore,or iceberg or as I have fern. I love buddleia despite my husbands protests that its a bomb site plant,the cheek.

Gary Hobson

I have buddlea mixed with weigela. What I actually have beneath is hardy geraniums. They make a good weed-free ground cover, tolerate the conditions, are useful to the bees, and very pretty in season.

I would have thought that plenty of other perennials would work too; maybe you have more choice if the small plants are beneath the sunny side.

As you'll know, weigela is a great plant for bees, early in the season.

Thank you both.  Lots of ideas here.  Will give it a go.

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