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I've purchased Buddleja in pots from a local nursery after being assured that they are good to plant in the garden now, even through there is still a threat of frosts.

I'm new to this, and can't find an answer. So in your opinion is it safe to plant them outside now? They are about 45 cm tall, with leaves growing.



Buddleja is perfectly hardy in the UK - plant them outside now and enjoy 

Jim Macd

I would be surprised if they'd had the Buddleja in a heated environment which would be the only reason to worry. I wouldn't have even given it a second thought to be honest and just planted it out. They're tough as old boots. I have seen them growing out of chimny pots and cracks in walls on tower blocks. It will be fine.

No problem planting any type of shrub including buddleja. As long as the soil is not too wet or frosted .Buddleja are tough as they come and will stand a lot.Ensure to plant in a spot that's big enough for the shrub as they can be enormous 



David K - i think i have managed it .... Time will tell, but its not looking good

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