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Please could I get some ideas on which type of flowers/evergreen flowering shrubs that like dappled shade?

Many thanks



They don't have showy flowers but evergreen, interesting pom poms bearing berries, great leaves, look at Fatsia Japonica.


I find choisya ternats does well in some shade.


Winter box, forgotten the correct name likes some shade and smells lovely when it flowers. Nut, what's it's name ?



 Thanks Nut. I think it is a small but lovely shrub.

Don't forget Ferns, ( I love Ferns )!

Most large garden centres have a shaded area. You could wander around and get some idea of what's available.

Not very original I know, but dwarf Rhododendrons would like that situation. Mahonia aquifolium grows well in that situation, though personally I find it a dull plant.


Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' is lovely in a shady spot - lovely blue flowers and cracking foliage.


Look at Longacre plants (plants for shade).


I am developing a bed of Roscoeas in a bed in the dappled shade of pear trees.

I had excellent service from this company. Ordered one day and delivered by courier at 9.30 next morning. Good packing and excellent plants.



Heucheras and there is a huge variety of them.

Camellias, euonymous like emerald n gold and gaiety, Lonicera winter beauty, daphne odora aureomarginata, choisya Sundance ....., ."dappled" shade is a little vague though.  Dappled shade can be very supportive of many types of planting.  

Not evergreen but acteas, astilbes, aconitums, astrantias ...all the "a's".......flower well in dappled shade, acers too will give good colour, hostas and Heucheras, etc.,etc.  

Thanks very much all - plenty there for me to research !!

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