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I've been growing lavender in pots this year with a view to planting them into the garden for next year. How late this season could I plant them out or would it be better to keep them potted through til next spring?

They're angustifolia, from seed last year.


I've looked at that myself and I've read that spring is the better time to plant lavender.

Hi nut cutlet and fleurisa,

I have grown  lavender in pots this year too....but very late, they are only about two inches high so I think I will plant them out next do I over winter them , where and what temps...have you got any idea?


I overwintered my small plants in my unheated wall greenhouse, they need to be protected from excessive winter wet.



Hi Flowerbird, mine were the size of yours last year and I kept them in the cold GH. I shall probably do the same this year in case it's another of those very wet winters

Ok, thanx, will do all this.


Best to keep lavendar seedlings fairly dry over winter.  However, they need not to dry out too much.  Watering when plants have dried out of their pots is nigh fatal.  

Certainly would not plant out young lavendar or any young plants out in the garden until the spring 


Thanks all. I thought that would be the answer. I just hoped I might be able to get them out there.

Tea, just take them back.  Do you  have the original pots?  The barcodes will show you bought them there and they will refund your money.

Bit steep though Tea.....I could get a lot of plants for £24.  Lavenders are fairly cheap plants to buy.  Best to wait until spring now and buy small plants then.  they will grow very quickly.

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