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Hi, I have just had 3 container grown roses delivered - 2 climbers and I shrub. I did a bit of Googling beforehand to find out the best way to plant them.

The instructions that came with them said to plant at the same level as the soil in the containers, but they are all planted at different levels.

One has two stems as thick as my thumb sticking out of the soil, they are about 2 inches long and above these stems is the graft union, The second has the graft union half buried in the soil, and the third has just the stems showing with the graft union under the soil.

I'm totally confused. Some web sites say the union should be at soil level, others say below soil level. Also confused as to which bit of the graft union they refer to,,,,should the bottom of the union where it starts to bulge be sitting on the soil or should the top of the union (with the stems) be at soil level? 

Should I treat all three plants the same? Or does it not matter as much as I think it does? 


grandad  used to  say dig  a big ole . put some pot ash at the bottom .fill in .till you cover the crown .


You need to cover the crown and the graft union

Add bone meal to hole it encourages root development

Thanks to you both for the advice.


When I was young the advice was to leave the graft union uncovered but now thinking has changed and the advice is to cover it and the crown to stop the rose rocking in the wind.


Thanks Busy-Lizzie. Hoping for a few dry days so that i can get planting.

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