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Im looking for suggestions please for planting up by the side of a new path Im making, It will be about 25 ft long by 3ft wide, and will the main path from the patio leading to my greenhouse, so will be used daily. My garden is south facing and is clay soil.

My first choice was lavender but it doesn't grow too well in my garden, so now I'm thinking maybe Ladys Mantle as this does tend to grow well for me, but id like to blend other plants into this. White eraniums may work well? Scent would be nice, but visual impact is more important to me.

Any ideas please?




How do heucheras do in your garden, LF?  They would give you year-round interest in a range of colours.

If you dig plenty of grit, sharp sand and compost in the edges of the path whilst your'e laying it, Lavenders would grow well. 


Bob - Ive only ever grown heucheras in planters, haven't tried them in the soil.

Dave - I did once dig a trench and do just that, but I'm on such heavy clay that it just fills with rain water and acts like a pond in heavy rain.


maybe I'm biased, but Hostas would suit there. I know you're south facing , but as you are, like me on heavy clay, the soil usually stays cool enough, and if you go for yellow variegated rather than white variegated forms , they're less likely to scorch in really hot sun. Team with Hemerocallis to give some extra ( but not too much ) height. Many hemerocallis also have fragrant flowers . A favourite of mine is a variety called  Marion Vaughn. I've also had the " sump" effect when digging planting holes. Good luck.



I love the Heuchera called Obsidian for its almost black colour, but we're plagued with vine weavil which love Heucheras as much as I do, so I've given up on them unfortunately.

Have seen Nepeta Six Hills Giant as a border to paths, very effective! Long flowering, good for bees!

Santolina would look good.....lovely silver grey aromatic mounds.  Aster frikarii monch for comtrast or nepeta six hills giant.  Some purple shrubs like pittosporum Tom Thumb, Berberis atro nana, prunus cistena crimson dwarf.  A couple of,choisyas for their scent too


Verdun, that plant does look nice by a path. Is it also known as Car Mint? My path will be made using blocks and will look similar to this one, so it could be a nice combination...


Cat mint LeadFarmer.   There are different varieties.  Flowerimg performance easily surpasses that of lavendar too.

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