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Hi Everyone

Just wanting to find out about planting sweet peas in pots... what size pots do I need? Does anyone know? Do they need to be quite tall pots? What size diameter etc.?

Also, the same questions for hollyhocks???

Thanks so much

Evening Kay

There is a sweet pea thread where an expert or two can answer your question 

Sweet peas can be grown in decent size pots though if soil is good.  I have grow them on a wigwam of canes in a large pot.

Hollyhocks, the traditional tall ones, would not be ideal for pots in my opinion.  Good luck though.

Hopefully this will push your question up on the  latest posts list 


Thanks Verdun


Thanks Mike


So much to read there David K!! Haha! So, if I'm planting sweet peas to actually grow in pots... what size would I need?



Ok thanks both . I'll try and find some pots then.... how many to a pot would you say??

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