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I would like some ideas for what to plant under a row of smallish trees (apple tree, and a few large shrubs). Currently there are 2 slug eaten hostas and daffs in spring, would like some ferns I think but about red some colour. It's shady and I would like low maintenance thanks 

Stacey Docherty

Ooooo I have found a lovely lovely red stemmed fern it's a ATHYRIUM FILIX-FEMINA LADY IN RED just google it some suppliers in the uk. Just watched toby buckland on a-z of gardening plant a woodland garden( plus I'm planning one and everyone here have been soooo helpful I now have more plant ideas than room. tiarella would look good and are evergreen, and heuchera. Clematis golden tiara is a stunner that likes shade if you fancy a climber growing up them and of course a dicentra..... Lol all this shady knowledge from researching my woodland plot and excellent peeps here......

Commelina (day flower) or Tradescantia for the warmer months (both spread like

crazy and do not need a pinch of care); hardy geraniums; bugle.

Doodia is a fern from Oceania with new red fronds.


aquilegias, astrantias, aconitum, cyclamen

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