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Can I plant my Witch Hazel and willow tree in te garden now? I also have a sun beam plant and red robin can they be planted out now or should i wait until all frost has gone?


Where are they at the moment Nicola?  Witch Hazel, willow and photinia Red Robin are all hardy and will be fine unless they've been kept inside and have started putting on some early growth.  If this has happened they will need hardening off gently to accustom them to the colder conditions outside.  

I'm afraid I don't know Sun Beam - do you have more of a name for it?

They have been outside in the pots in the position i want to plant them. The sun beam is mainly yellow in colour and smells like eucalyptus when you cut it. I dont know the full name.


If they're outside already then plant them   - the roots will have more protection from frost in the ground than in pots. Give them a good mulch with some manure or compost (not touching the stems), and they'll romp away as soon as the weather warms up.

Could sunbeam be one of the Choisyas? 



Same as the others then, it's not quite as hardy as them but it'll be fine planted now if it's been outside.  

To be honest I'd have planted them as soon as the ground had thawed - they'd have been fine, but no matter, you've not left it too late

Thankyou for your help. They are all planted out now


My pleasure.  Enjoy your gardening 

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