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We've just had the front drive renovated. The gravelled drive goes right across a very wide house. The front of the house faces NNWish and gets only the late summer sun. I would like to put around three/four tubs by the house (Norfolk cream bricks) to break the horizontal drive/house line. We are in rural Norfolk and the front drive can get very cold and windy. I need ideas for plant/shrubs (various heights for under windows and between) that will look reasonably good all year round and not need too much maintenance as I have a very large garden as well - I can do the basics but I'm not a brilliant gardener Thank you


Depends a lot on how big your tubs are but you really need something with year round interest and minimal maintenance. Try clipped box or sarcococca humilis, slow growing conifers planted with euonymus and ivy, skimmias, smaller rhododendrons. There is quite a lot when you start to think. I would concentrate on big tubs and shrubs rather than perennials.

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